The sensation of riding a motorbike is a thrill like no other, whether you’re cruising down the highway, flicking dust around the dirt track or just going for a joyride, the risk of danger is always lurking. Although this thrill and adrenaline can’t be constant, we can still wear edgy clothing that represents our relentless style. Wherever your loyalty lies, TShirtSale has a motorbike branded t-shirt for you, from selective sizing, S to 5XL. Here are some of our top sellers:

1. Triumph T-Shirt 

This basic yet bold design is our best seller to date. Not only displaying triumph itself but this t-shirt also displays great taste in motorcycles. The heritage and vision of Triumph is all expressed through their fearless trademark.

2. Harley Davidson T-Shirt (Out of Stock)

The classic and powerful trademark that represents an internationally renowned motorcycle brand is another highly sought-after item. The original get unique design of our Harley tee will be sure to express your effortless yet edgy style.   We are currently out of stock but suggest subscribing to our database to be notified when we have more available. 

3. BSA T-Shirt

Nothing says old school like a BSA vintage tee. Although BSA no longer produce their old-fashioned bikes, their name remains strong through merchandise. The industry giants represented greatness, always striving to be bigger and better, wear their logo on your chest and you could be the same.  

4. Norton Motorcycles

The underdog of the motorcycles, redefining state of the art superbikes, Norton has a range of 200 exclusive motorcycles. Their sharp yet elegant body frame not only look mighty, but sound and run mighty too. Recently reviving their iconic name, Norton is set to be bigger and better that before. Support their journey with a supreme Norton Motorcycles T-shirt.  

5. Yamaha T-Shirt (Out of Stock)

On road and off road, Yamaha is a popular motorcycle brand that many Kiwis know and love. The Yamaha community is one of the biggest due to their wide variety of bikes, including motor cross, agricultural, adventure and performance. Consequently, this item is out of stock. Sign up to our database to receive an alert when this becomes available. 

6. Ducati T-Shirt 

The black fabric and red emblem is a design that other fellow Ducati lovers can’t miss. Offering a wide range of performance bikes, this brand is all about growth and celebrating millstones. Wear your pride with this Ducati inspired t-shirt.  

7. BMW T-Shirt (Out of Stock)

BMW offers a range of bikes that are functional with a hint of luxury. They stand for passion and encourage their community to become stronger together. Their performance range spikes adrenaline just by looking at it with its slick frame and striking colours. Red, Blue, and White is a forced to be reckoned with as displayed on our BMW tee. Be the first to know when these are back in stock up by signing up to our database. 


8. Honda T-shirt (Out of Stock)

The unmatched variety of the Honda Collection have a bike for all environments, whether you’re on the farm, on the racetrack, on a bush trek, on route to work or even on your learners. The well-known Honda wing logo is suitable for any casual outing so sign up to our database to be notified and grab it when we’re back in stock


9. Toyota T-Shirt

If you haven’t heard of Toyota, it may be possible you’ve been living under a rock. Although they couldn’t quick crack the fast-paced motorcycle market, they are still considered motorcycle manufacturers once upon a time. Still successful in the automotive industry, the Toyota brand supports innovation and sustainability across the country, and the Toyota T-shirt stands for just that.  

10. Dodge Tomahawk

Another one for the archives. Dodge released a ‘motorcycle’ back in the day, it has incredible speed but wasn’t quite road legal. If that doesn’t say ruthless, then I don’t know what does. The 4 wheeled Tomahawk sounded like any other motorcycle when the throttled was turned and it was even faster than some of the bigger names. However, only 10 models were produced, and each sold for about ½ a million US dollars. Our Dodge logo T-shirt speaks for itself, divergent and rebellious.

Motorcycle brands can represent anything from risky to revolutionary. Check out all of our motorbike branded t-shirts here, and if there’s one you love but we don’t stock it, get in touch and let us know